Terms of Service


Use of our services constitutes client acceptance of the following terms and agreement to abide by them. MineryTech reserves the right to amend or change these terms at any time and continued use of our services constitutes client acceptance.




  1. All orders must include your real name, street address, phone number and e-mail address. Providing false information may result in immediate termination of your account without a refund.


  1. Orders are deployed in the order in which they are received.


  1. Payment is required at the time the order is placed. Failure to send payment will result in a delay in deployment.


  1. All services are month to month and automatically renew unless you have completed a cancellation request for each service.




  1. Due to the nature of our industry and the cost involved in maintaining your service, we do not offer refunds.


  1. When you order your service, you are billed for an entire month up front.


  1. Invoices are generated and e-mailed to you 14 days before they are due every month. The due date is the day you originally purchased the service. They are available in your client support panel.


  1. We do not telephone or send postal mail notifying you late invoices. If you are concerned that an e-mail may not reach you, then you should proactively check your account for outstanding invoices.


  1. If invoices are 3 or more days overdue, MineryTech holds the right to re-configure your machines that are missing payments to MineryTech’s NiceHash account until the invoice is settled. This means that your machines will be mining for MineryTech if your invoice is 3 days overdue. In addition to this, late fees are applied to overdue invoices, no downtime credit we be awarded and billing dates will not be adjusted.


  1. Failure to make payment past an invoice due date may result in your services and account being terminated. Terminated services data will be erased and will be non-recoverable immediately. In no event shall MineryTech staff be responsible for loss of data.


  1. A billing dispute or issue of any kind does not exempt you from paying current and/or future invoices. Billing disputes resolved in the customer’s favor will result in an account credit to the customer.


  1. If any chargebacks occur on your credit card or PayPal account at any time, we reserve the right to terminate all services without notice and keep all of your onsite equipment in the MineryTech facility and it becomes property of MineryTech


  1. All setup fees paid to MineryTech are non refundable.


  1. All outstanding invoices must be paid before you can receive your equipment back.




  1. All cancellations requests must be submitted before the next renewal period date for each service you want to cancel. This can be done in your customer support panel under the active service you want to cancel and select Request Cancellation.


  1. Failure to cancel your service before the next renewal period date will result in the service renewing automatically and you will be charged for an additional full month of service without a refund for unused days.


  1. Colocation cancellations for shipped equipment:  We require clients to pay their packing fees invoice before their packages can be picked up. Clients must purchase shipping labels for their packages and these packages must be picked up within 20 days of cancellation. In addition, a $20 per machine dismantle fee must be paid before packages are sent back. Equipment that has not been picked up within 20 days of cancellation will become property of MineryTech.


  1. Colocation cancellations for pickup of equipment: If client is picking up their equipment at our facility, they must have a $0 balance on their account and have sent us an e-mail/ticket request for the scheduled date/time at minimum 24 hours in advance. Equipment that has not been picked up within 20 days of cancellation will become property of MineryTech.



  1. MineryTech reserves the right to terminate any account without warning or notice if any of the Terms of Service restrictions are violated.


  1. MineryTech reserves the right to examine the contents of any account and machine at any time. This includes but is not limited to helping configure miners, troubleshooting miners, calculating miner downtime, helping with billing, helping with maintenance.


  1. MineryTech will not give a refund if you are terminated due to violations of our Terms of Service policies.


  1. MineryTech is not liable for any loss of data for any reason. This includes all machines, dedicated servers or virtual private servers. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain backups of their data.


  1. MineryTech is not liable for any property including but not limited to application specific integrated circuits, power supply units etc. Customers must purchase insurance to have their equipment protected in the case of damages.




Throughout the Term, you shall, have the option to:

a.) purchase your own private insurance; or

b.) buy into the company’s insurance plan; or

c.) not buy into option and accept the full risk of damage to their property.


Insurance can be purchased as an add on to a specific machine on MineryTech’s website. MineryTech insurance only covers the machine and not the power supply unit. Changes to this can be made at the beginning of each billing cycle.




  1. You can not have your own separate network. You will be hosted on MineryTech’s network.


  1. If you have any passwords on your machines, then MineryTech cannot log into your machine. Therefore, before the setup of any machine, the device will be reset to factory settings.


  1. You must provide power supply units or arrange to buy/rent from the us. We will not accept fragile power supply units that were not made for crypto currency ASICs.


  1. Chargebacks or disputes with the payment processor will result in the forfeit of the your equipment and it will terminate all business relationships.


  1. Worker names should correspond with miners.


  1. If MineryTech receives abuse complaints about your service and you fail to correct these issues or respond to our security department, MineryTech reserves the right to suspend or terminate your service. This includes harassment or threats to any MineryTech employees or other customers.


Limited Liability


MineryTech shall not be held responsible for any and all damages resulting from any cause whatsoever occurring (i) in or outside the premises or (ii) any default under the Lease. By utilizing the colocation services at MineryTech, you hereby waive your right to any claims against MineryTech pursuant to such damages. MineryTech shall not be liable for any financial damages suffered by you resulting from the fault, negligence, acts or omissions.