The Team

Nick Foster

Co-Founder, CEO and Director

Mining his first Bitcoin block in 2010 Nick has over 8 years of experience in the cryptocurrency mining space. Moving up from his i5, Nick went on to create mining rigs with the 550ti, 660ti, 780ti, 980ti and now has a 35 1060ti mining rigs setup. Nick has helped train our team of customer support staff to be well versed in anything mining related, which allows the team to provide the best assistance and advice for our customers. Beyond crypto mining, Nick has a wide range of experience in different industries such as shipping and storage.


Aaron Nijsee

Co-Founder and Director

Before co-founding MineryTech with Nick, Aaron spent years working in a data center. Learning the nuances around power, electricity generation, cooling, networking, physical infrastructure and managing a facility has helped MineryTech grow into an efficient crypto mining facility. With his deep background in this relevant field Aaron has trained the staff to deal with any day to day tasks that are required in maintaining a smooth operation. In addition, Aaron is a crypto enthusiast with years of experience mining. Before MineryTech, Aaron used to host a dozen of ASIC machines in the back of a computer shop that he owns.


Nick Hansen

Chairman & Director

Nick mined his first Bitcoin in 2012 and has since developed a deep passion and understanding of blockchain technology and consensus algorithms. With his enterprise software engineering background and fundamental knowledge of blockchain technology, Nick hopes to span the gamut from crypto-enthusiast to institutional investor. Nick is also the CEO and co-founder of Luxor Tech.


Eddie Wang

CTO and Director

Eddie is an experienced product-owner and software-engineer with a passion for design. He became attracted to the blockchain industry because of how naturally it combines technology, finance, and game-theory. Eddie currently works as a software engineer for Sia and previously worked at MyEtherWallet. Eddie is also the COO and co-founder of Luxor Tech.


Dr. Austin Haag

Secretary and Director

An economist whose current research delves into the economic theories of blockchain technology as it relates to pricing, adoption, and applications. As the Senior Economist for Tenet Investments, Dr. Haag was introduced to MineryTech as a client, and was immediately captivated by the business model. Through his own investment company, Haag Holdings, Dr. Haag joined as a partner and consultant. Dr. Haag is currently a professor of economics and researcher for the U.S. Department of Defense.

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