About US

MineryTech Solutions Inc. was founded in November 2017 and is incorporated in the State of Missouri. We are located just north of Kansas City.

MineryTech aims to be a leading North American mining-specific colocation. We host miners equipment, providing all of the colocation essentials, at scale, and tailored to every client's unique crypto mining needs. We are open to anyone who would like to mine cryptocurrency, and we offer highly affordable rates on electricity and maintenance services. Mining equipment can be purchased and sent directly to our facility, where it will be expertly set up and maintained to maximize profits.


Our Belief

The 20th century was filled with technology breakthroughs that fundamentally changed the way in which society operated. Arguably the largest breakthrough was the automobile brought to everyday people by the innovative Henry Ford. However it was oil that enabled automobiles to come to the mainstream. It was the fuel of innovation. Tycoons like John Rockefeller built their empires around this critical resource, making a fortune while doing it but more importantly aiding the development of society.

We can draw many similarities to the 21st century. The world today is digital. Major breakthroughs are happening through the technology sector. We believe the next wave of disruption is occurring through blockchain products. Like automobiles, we believe blockchain has the power to fundamentally change society and push us forward. However it too needs fuel to run. The fuel it requires is decentralized computing power. This power is used to make it a secure and scalable technology.

We believe MineryTech is in a prime position to contribute to the next wave of innovation; blockchain. MineryTech is building the future of crypto for everyone.